Unfamiliar Quotations

Youth and Age

Photograph: ארכיון השומר הצעיר יד יערי - Hashomer Hatzair Archives Yad Yaari

"Parents never grow up." - Lorrie B. Potters

"Because I am getting so gray, long hair would make me look like a warlock having a midlife crisis." - Sherman Alexie 

"I'm reaching the age where I can read a book again for the first time." -Lawrence Block

"Adolescence is essentially a country-western song." -Tim Hallinan

"It's fun to be immortal. Too bad it doesn't last." -Terri Weiner

"I am too old and stiff-necked to change my memories now." -Willard R. Espy

"You are about to be told, again, that you are America's most valuable natural resource. Have you seen what this country does to its valuable natural resources?" -Utah Phillips, addressing a high school class.

"These young people are really with it." -Tony Bennett