Unfamiliar Quotations


"I keep everything in two files: Miscellaneous and Other."  - Lorrie B. Potters

"If you get a poisonous snake, it often means that there was a problem with the formatting of your bibliography." - Luke Burns

"Research is formalized curiosity." - Zora Neale Hurston

“The investigations a number of researchers have carried out have already thrown a great deal of darkness on the subject, and it is possible, if they continue, we shall soon know nothing about it at all.” – Mark Twain

"I think, sir, since you care for the advice of an old man, sir, you will find it a very good practice always to verify your references, sir!” - Martin Routh (1847), cited by J.W. Burgon, cited by Frank Place, Jr.

"When you're doing research, never skip the footnotes." -Jeri Westerson

“I do most of my research in People Magazine.” - Elizabeth George

"Don't write with your mouse." -Andy Bunn