Unfamiliar Quotations

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Illustration: Carl von Blaas, Ulysses and the Sirens

"Henry James' later style gives me the impression of swimming in spinach." - John Buchan

"It takes a lot longer to read a boring short story than it takes to read an interesting novel." - James Lincoln Warren

"The way I know that I really love a book is I lose time in it." - Chantelle Aimée Osman

"If there are stories you love, read them out loud." - Angel Luis Colón

"Though in the higher forms at school the children were no longer beaten, the influence of such occasions was replaced and more than replaced by the effects of reading." -Sigmund Freud

“Who are the people most opposed to escapism? Jailors!” – Arthur C. Clarke

"We buy books because we think we are buying the time to read them." - Warren Zevon

"Some short stories make the mistake of thinking a short story is just a novel, but shorter." -Sean Doolittle

"The literary market does not believe in money. At least, not for you." - Mir Plemmons.

"The happy ending is sadly underrated.  But it has to be earned." -Connie Willis.

"'Theme' is what the critics use to describe what you did." - Eileen Gunn

"There's no platonic ideal of story."  -C.C. Finlay

“Each story is a Rohrshach test.” – Ray Bradbury

"Short stories exist only to stun you." - Jeffrey Deaver

"Nonfiction is about facts. Fiction is about truth." - Mara Purl

“I know where all the books are, it’s the furniture underneath I sometimes can’t locate.” –  Molly MacRae

“He wasn’t the suicidal type. Besides, he had books to read.” – Catherine Dilts (slightly modified)

"The fact is that all stories are fantasy." - Michael Bond

“Every moral has a story.” - C.E. Lawrence

"If it's for kids, it's a fairy tale. If it's for grown-ups, it's magic realism!" -Colson Whitehead

"You can't tell a book by it's movie." Louis A Safian

"Beware of a man of one book." -English proverb

“I may be done with the book, but it’s not done with me.” -  Paul Hanson

"Gone With The Wind is Birth Of A Nation with less horses." - John E. Price

“It’s probably a little callous to say it, but scared people buy lots of books.” - Bill Wolfsthal.

"I don't have time to read nonfiction." -W.P. Kinsella

“The plot thickens.  It’s practically coagulated.” – Aaron Elkins, slightly revised.

“In the long run, a people is known, not by its statements or its statistics, but by the stories it tells." -Flannery O’Connor