Unfamiliar Quotations


"There are two kinds of people, and I don't care much for either of them." - Eric Idle"Prayers and alcohol are the two most abused inventions in human history." -Reyes Ramirez

 "Taking one lair with another, the beast's is preferable to the man's." - Victor Hugo

"Sometimes the hard part of being a humanist is all the goddamn humans." - PZ Myers

"What is there besides people that's worth holding on to?" - Naomi Novik

“But they were liberated people, doing what liberated people must.” - Joe L. Murr

"If deeds and consequences could be thus equated, our view of human nature would have to be more pessimistic than it is." -David M. Potter

"Not to criticize the Creator, but you have to think when he created Man  on--what was it, Friday?--his mind was definitely on the weekend." -Cecil Adams

"I bet you came from the wrong end of the primoridal ooze." -Chris Chandler

"It is in the absence of others that I love others most." -Scott Condon

"The main quality that sets humans apart from other animals is the human desire to set itself apart from other animals." - Peter Berryman

"You can't win the human race." -Mike Marker

"We are each, in the end, a minority of one." -Jane Kurtz

"Maybe its only when we're babies and when we're dead that other people see that we're only human with nothing but promises at one end and regrets at the other." -Robert W. Campbell

"Basically, all we are is mobile stomachs." -Jack Horner, paleontologist