Unfamiliar Quotations

Feminism and Women

"Boys will be boys -- If you teach them that's what a boy is." - Thomas Pluck

"She failed to make herself heard over the roaring testosterone." - Liza Cody, slightly revised

"It is a fact universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of an opinion must be in want of a correction." -Rebecca Solnit

"What's the easiest way to insult a woman? Call her a woman. What's the easiest way to insult a man?  Call him a woman." - Erik de Bie

"The woman wage-earner is under one aspect an object of charity, under another an economic pervert, under another a social menace."  -Flora McDonald Thompson, 1904

"What has taken so long about recognizing that women are people?” -Senator Jacob Javits (R-NY) 1976.

"Furthermore, if a woman keeps house only for herself, then her death or disability is not only a loss of her services, but a loss of the demand for her services as well. Therefore, the net economic effect on society is nil." - Wendyce H. Brody, "Economic Value of a Housewife." Social Security Administration. 1975.

"Naked women are the hardest women to arrest." - Sandra Webster

"As a woman, I was better suited to a career in something more traditionally feminine, like becoming a prostitute or dying in childbirth." - Allie Rubin

“No self-respecting businessman with a brain would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age” -Godfrey Bloom, Member of the European Parliament's Committee for Women's Rights and Gender Equality, 2004.

“I think hipster misogynists need to start getting messages that hipster misogyny isn’t a marketable skill” - Ophelia Benson

“I am a feminist because I love men, and I believe that they are capable and strong and wise. I am a feminist because I love women, and I believe that they too are capable and strong and wise.” -Kelly Barnhill