Unfamiliar Quotations

Cosmology (See also Fate)

"There are a lot worse things to believe in than God." -Suzanne M. Wolfe

"I think there probably is humor in heaven, or earth wouldn't look like this." - Ovidia Yu

"So often these days eating Indian food passes for spirituality." - Dan Bern

"Sometimes I feel like God's favorite sitcom." - Marie-Helene Bertino

"There is no single, univocal way of not existing." -Boaventura de Sousa Santos

"You don't need to go looking for Oz, because you already live there." - Donna Barr

"It is not down in any map; true places never are." Herman Melville

“Psychologists will tell you that when somebody says something is not, it clearly is.” Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA)

“The only time I get anything right there’s always nobody there.” - Ric Keating.

"A true holy book could fit on an index card, but most of the words on it haven't been invented yet." - Will Ludwigsen


“Only one thing is impossible for God: to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet” – Mark Twain

"The second law of thermodynamics, simply put, is as follows: left to themselves, things tend to go to hell in a handbasket." -Cecil Adams

"The abstract doesn't exist, so to speak, in the abstract." - Christine Kenneally

"Our universe is simply one of those things which happen from time to time." -Edward Tryon, physicist 

"In eternity, there will be no underground beatnik intellectual dive cafe's hashing phony, ambiguous 'word art' for you to lounge in and laugh it up with your cheap wine coolers and funky sexually-vague groupies." - An anonymous correspondent of the Kook's Museum.

"The universe is all farms." -U.S. Census Bureau, C3.2:T224