Unfamiliar Quotations


"Half aloof is better than none." - Terri Weiner

"I am not a recluse, but I play one in real life." - O'Neil De Noux

I will be conquered. I will not capitulate."  - Samuel Johnson

"When I said I was going to become a comedian, they all laughed. Well, they're not laughing now, are they? " - Bob Monkhouse

The recommendation for anger management pissed me off." -Jon McGoran

"I live by the question mark and I'll die by the exclamation point." - Laird Long

"One is not superior merely because one sees the world as odious." - Chateaubriand

"It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done." -Terry Pratchett

"You don't choose your obsessions. They choose you." -Jodi Compton

"I don’t have so many friends I can afford to drop one just because he tried to kill me.” - Loren D. Estleman


“I don’t care about the little guy. I just hate the big guy.” - Lee Child.

“This isn’t a relationship. It’s a hostage situation.” –Dan Savage

“Imperfection is sustainable.” –Libby Chenault

“I’m hardly ever on the winning side, but that don’t mean I ain’t been right.” -Michael Smith

“There are no happy endings… there are only happy people.” - Dorothy Gilman


"I’m ready for anything. That’s probably why it never happens.” -Kinky Friedman

"Some days I don't know if I should laugh or call the police." -Cecil Adams

"Hate-on-the-highway is an institution occupying a high place in our modern civilization....The godawful glares that drivers exchange as they pass each other, the mutual hatred between motorist and pedestrian, these manifestations seem to constitute the ultimate in righteous wrath." -H. Allen Smith, 1947

"Sometimes joy slips in." -Richard Matoon

"The last freedom is choosing your attitude." -Victor Frankl

"It's probably too late to do anything about it now, but the next best thing is to complain about it, which is what we're good at." -David Williams, Citizens Against Government Waste

"I couldn't feel so I learned to touch." - Leonard Cohen

"Yes, I am insane. Thanks for asking." -Harlan Coben

"Dylan Thomas, asked what he thought of Welsh Nationalism, replied in three words, two of which were 'Welsh Nationalism.'" -Avram Davidson

"They can't break you if you don't have a spine." -Scott Adams

"If that indifference was originally a defense, it had consumed what it had once defended." -Ursula K. Le Guin

"We all wanted to be existentialists. None of us knew what the hell it meant." -Michael Smith

"heaven protect us from all the things / to which we can become accustomed" -Gloria McElroy
"A man is what he does with his attention and mine is not for sale." -John Ciardi
"Of course, this is only my personal opinion and I may be old-fashioned, but I would rather be old-fashioned than terribly, terribly ill with fever and have to wear ice-packs for weeks on end." -Robert Benchley

"Good manners are a sign of strength." -Dick Francis 

"A Spaniard will seek to persuade you that the bull-ring is an institution got up chiefly for the benefit of the bull." -Jerome K. Jerome

"Love means having something to betray." -John LeCarre

"Five years ago I was a four stone apology. Today I am two separate gorillas." -Vivian Stanshall

"The expression 'dead serious' is a self-fulfilling prophesy." -C.W. Metcalf

"Most people would rather stand on hot coals than stand corrected." -Lorrie B. Potters